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"  Linda got my defendant served very quickly, at reasonable price. I didn't have the defendant's home address, but I knew where he worked. Linda successfully negotiated with the security guards at the defendant's work. They had him come to the gate and she got him served. "
Kevin Bennett,
"  Very prompt and excellent service. I enjoy using this company to have Defendants served as they are very quick and reliable. As a Paralegal, finding a reputable and quick process server is difficult, so when I find an amazing one, our Law Firm sticks with them!  "
Amber Plemons,

"  I needed service from out of state. I only had a partial address, though I didn't know that until Linda went looking. Not only did she figure out the correct apartment number, she got him served in just about 24 hours. From 2 states away, I couldn't have dreamed of better service. She was wonderful to talk to, able to explain the process to me, and explain the nuances of the process and how the different laws of our two states played in.  "

Tracy Drager,